Handcraft models


As a Swiss designer, it is very important to me that products stand out from the crowd, but have an equality of detail within the collection. 

Swiss Made and Swiss Design are promises which give a long-lasting joy and fascination to the people who own these products afterwards. 

Design is a craft, which includes everything from the first sketch, the prototypes, up to the construction. 

Design brings various elements to a product. Colours round off the emotion. These elements, such as shapes, colours, material, production and radiance, are incorporated in the Handcraft model.


Godfather Björn


I am a product designer with emotion and passion, always looking for shapes, colours, technology, materials and new product ideas that will inspire the customer.
The enthusiasm for watches existed already in my childhood, this timelessness in the product fascinates me still today and will continue to do so for a really long time. Now I can experience these emotions in the collection of RB Baumgartner and give a face to time through my work.

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