Watches are my passion  my passion and an imortant part of my life. Watches can be a metaphor for our lives. Their aim is to use available energy as efficiently as posiible so that time can be measured accurately for a long time. We also have to use our strength efficiently, but the whole only works if all parts interact smoothly.

Godfather of the following watches

Since 2009, I have been professionally maintaining my fascination for watchmaking. For the names of “my watches” I went looking for small airfields in Switzerland. So, each of these places has a little bit to do with flying and also a little bit to do with me.

Godfather of the following watches

Watches are something very special, not just timepieces, but true jewellery with emotions. My godfather gave me my first watch for my confirmation, recently my daughter got her first children’s watch from her godfather and my grandfather’s watch continues to tick on my wrist. Watches accompany you for a lifetime and touch generations. I am very happy to be part of the likeable RB Baumgartner family.


I work together with the RB Baumgartner team in the creation of new watches and the animation of the existing collections. When designing details and proportions, I pay particular attention to remain faithful to the watchmaking spirit of the brand.


I am an industrial designer, co-founder of the studio Bug Me GmbH founded in 2015, together with Marie Boutteçon. We specialize in the watche creation of high-end and jewellery watchmaking. We accompany our clients from the first sketch to the final realization of the product.


I am a product designer with emotion and passion, always looking for shapes, colours, technology, materials and new product ideas that will inspire the customer. The enthusiasm for watches existed already in my childhood, this timelessness in the product fascinates me still today and will continue to do so for a really long time. Now I can experience these emotions in the collection of RB Baumgartner and give time a face through my work.

Godfather of the following watches

It is an honour to photograph Baumgartner watches! The cooperation with the fantastic RB Baumgartner team is enriching and makes daily life special.


25 years of professional experience as a photographer have taught me a lot. But every new assignment is a new challenge which I still approach with respect and curiosity.

Godmother of the following watches
Gervaise Voisard

My passion? Mountains. The mountains with their beauty and power have a great influence on me. They inspire me in terms of respect, fascination and attraction. I have climbed all the 4000-metre peaks in the Swiss Alps. So it’s given that I name the collection of “my watches” after mountains…

Lea Bosshard

Swiss champion Kumite U16 and U18

Member of Swiss Karate National Team

Karate is my passion. This martial art, which is full of power, discipline and precision fascinates me extremely and gives me a lot of self-confidence and safety in everyday situations. Since summer 2019, I visit the Gymnasium Hofwil, where I’ve been take-up in a talent class with sport guys, artists and musicians. As a young person, I feel bound to take care of our environment and prefer regional products what RB Baumgartner guarantees definitely. My daily routine is textured clearly what makes the time to a really important factor. RB Baumgarnter ticks the right tact. I’m looking forward to represent the regional brand and become a part of the friendly RB Baumgartner family.

Sara Deuble

Current WKF World Ranking No. 6 U18

Member of the Swiss Karate National Team

I am an extroverted and communicative young woman who lives her passion for karate to the full.

Karate is a sport that requires precision, timing and adherence to precise rules.

At the same time, every technique is an expression of individuality and creativity.

In this martial art, the combination of clear guidelines into which one can incorporate one’s personal touch fascinates me.

As we all know, watches set the pace and the fact that RB Baumgartner makes it possible to create and build your own watch, which then is something very personal.

This ensemble inspires me, it makes me proud to be part of Reto’s team as a brand ambassador.

Florian Gnägi

100 Wreaths, 2 of them Federal ones

Victory at the Bernese Cantonal Festival 2014

I grew up in Studen and attended a Swiss “Schwing” training for the first time when I was 9 years old. Since then, “Schwingen” has been my great passion. I find the fight man to man particularly fascinating. But I am also impressed by the camaraderie, the tradition and the great fairness. The Federal Swiss “Schwing” Festival in Pratteln 2022 is certainly still one of my biggest goal. In addition, I hope to stay as healthy as possible, to continue having fun and to be able to “Schwingen” at the top for as long as possible. In “Schwingen”  , besides endurance, it is important to overwhelm the opponent with the right move at the right time. Timing is extremely important. That’s why a timepiece suits me wonderfully. I also really like the sporty watches from Reto.

Marlen Reusser

2nd Olympic time trial Tokyo 2020
2nd World Championship Time Trial 2020 and 2021
European Time Trial Champion 2021
Cyclist of the Year 2020

I grew up in Hindelbank on my parents’ farm. After graduating from high school, I studied medicine and worked as a surgical assistant. While I was still preparing for the Road World Championships in Innsbruck, I worked part-time as a doctor in the hospital in Langnau. I liked cycling from early on and at the age of 22 I was the youngest cyclist to take part in the Alpine Brevet. In 2017, I got my first licence and was able to celebrate my first successes; I became a two-time Swiss champion. In 2019, I won the European Games and reached sixth place at the World Championships. Ath the beginning of 2019 I decided to give up my job as a surgical assistant to dedicate myself to a professional career. In 2020 and 2021 I was runner-up in the individual time trial and a year later I won gold at the European Championships. But my biggest success so far is certainly the silver medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. At the end of 2020, I was voted Swiss Cyclist of the Year, which really touched me. In the future, I want to continue to achieve good results and develop further in cycling.


Why am I a brand ambassador for RB Baumgartner? Quite simply, time and timing are central factors in cycling and clock my everyday life. Moreover, just like Reto, I am a career changer. We both have chosen the risk of a new beginning and that connects us.

Florence Schelling

Goalkeeper Swiss national team 2004 – 2018

World Championship Bronze Medal 2012

Olympic Bronze Medal in Sochi 2014

Board of Directors of I Believe in You AG and Swiss Olympic Athletes’ Commission

I grew up in Oberengstringen and started to play ice hockey due to my two brothers. I was already on the ice as a goalkeeper for the GCK / ZSC Lions at the age of 4. At the age of 13 I received my first invitation for the Swiss senior national team. After various world championships and my 1st Olympic Games, I moved to North America and later to Sweden, where I also graduated with a Master of Science In Business Administration.


I am privilaged to carry the experience of 4 Olympic Games and 11 World Championships, 1 Olympic and 1 World Championship bronze medal and several other awards in my backpack. Currently, I support people to reach their full potential and hold a seat on the Board of Directors of I Believe in You AG and the Swiss Olympic Athletes’ Commission.


For me, a day without learning something is a lost day. Watchmaking definitely has a lot of learning potential for me. As with all athletes, time is an important factor for me, whether while planning my daily professional life or taking time for myself.

Heinz Frei

Swiss top athlete with 3 world records in wheelchair sports

35 Paralympic medals, including 15 gold

14 world championship titles and 112 marathon wins around the world


Born on January 28, 1958, my life developed, endowed with the vocation to move. This lasted until 9 July 1978, but was abruptly interrupted when a sports accident, a banal slip during a mountain hiking, made me a paraplegic. Learning to live in a wheelchair was at first a shock, a mental pain, giving up things I loved, but ultimately also a challenge and the beginning of a struggle against dependence and finding independence again. 44 years ago, I could not expect that this journey to discover my greatest quality of life would have so many things in store for me: it took a lot of patience, perseverance, perspective and a good dose of reality with objective goal setting over many years. Today, the reward is overwhelming and makes me extremely grateful and humble.


I have been named Paralympic Athlete of the Year in Switzerland 10 times. In the 2020 special election, I was even voted the best athlete of the past 70 years alongside Roger Federer and Vreni Schneider.


My motivation as an RB Baumgartner brand ambassador is the joy of wearing this wonderful timepiece on my wrist that is synonymous with passion, pride and gratitude. My time thus became even more precious, with a certain serenity, but also knowing that time must not escape me. The watch reminds me not to get carried away by stress and agitation.

Nicole Kaufmann

Managing Director Wacker Thun

Master’s degree in Communication and Sport

Growing up in Thun, I came into contact with handball and Wacker Thun at a very early age. From the age of six, the fascination of handball took hold of me completely: thanks to many years of intensive training, my path was to lead me all the way to the NLA with Rotweiss Thun. But I suffered two cruciate ligament ruptures within a year – still in the early days of my sports studies – which forced me to consider the end of my sporting career for the first time after 15 years of handball.

The saying “where one door closes, another opens” has come true – because without this injury-related career end, I probably wouldn’t be in my current position at Wacker Thun. Since 2020, I have been the managing director of Thun’s most successful sports club and am responsible for the club’s operations and further development.

Wacker Thun has been playing in the highest league of Swiss handball for over 34 years without interruption and has since become Swiss champion twice, cup winner six times and won the European Cup in 2005. Wacker Thun’s recipe for success is its reliance on its own and regional players, coupled with a great deal of heart and soul and passion.

I have great respect for the varied and demanding task of managing Wacker Thun. To be able to work for a sports club is a privilege – we at Wacker Thun try to live up to this responsibility every day, to behave in a socially responsible and exemplary manner and to generate sustainable local and regional added value. Exactly these attributes illustrate why I am a proud brand ambassador for RB Baumgartner: regionality, reliability, individuality & the passion for one’s own commitment are central elements of the identity of RB Baumgartner, Wacker Thun – and my own life story.

Kerstin Kündig

Swiss national handball player

Athlete in the Bundesliga with SG BBM Bietigheim

For almost 20 years, my great passion has been handball. Handball is a fascinating sport that combines various components: Physical qualities, game intelligence and team skills. It is not enough to have only one skill to be successful and that is exactly the challenge in this sport which is so impressive for me. I was allowed to win all the titles there are to conquer in the highest Swiss league (Swiss Champion, Cup Winner, Super Cup Winner) and am now in my third year abroad, where I was allowed to make handball my profession. Currently, I play in the Bundesliga for SG BBM Bietigheim, with which team I play in the Champions League in addition to the championship & cup.

In the near future, I would like to develop personally, work hard on myself every day and find out what else I can do. I still have big goals with the club team but also with the national team, with which the European Championship in Switzerland in 2024 will be a major event.

Planning, timing and precision are three decisive factors in achieving top performances in elite sport. And these are three factors that could fit no brand better than RB Baumgartner. Being a brand ambassador for this wonderful Swiss watch brand is also something I associate with tradition, innovation and home, which I very much like to embody as a Swiss athlete.