Scheidegg Models


…like kleine Scheidegg… Meeting point for 2 rack and pinion trains; a must for climbing the Jungfrau or the Mönch. It is also the base of the most famous north face of the Alps, that of the Eiger…

…like grosse Scheidegg: it took me many pedal strokes to turn the wheels of my bike and finally reach this mythical pass in the Bernese Oberland…

…like the Scheidegg Watch: a true sports watch equipped with a wonderful self-winding chronograph.


Godmother Gervaise


My passion? The mountain…
The mountain with its beauty and power has a real hold on me. The respect it arouses attracts and fascinates me. I have climbed all the peaks of the Swiss Alps of more than 4000m.
Mountain names for the “my watches” collection, an obviousness!

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