Pilot Watch Locarno

The pilot watch LOCARNO, named after the airfield of the same name, is a watch specially developed for Super Puma fans and helicopter enthusiasts. Its name carries a rich history. Locarno has been the training centre of the Swiss Air Force since 1941. Countless pilots have started their careers here. It is the place where the passion for flying is awakened and the foundations for later adventures in the air are laid.
The LOCARNO is therefore more than just a timepiece. It is a symbol of the fascination of flying and the dedication that the Swiss Air Force devotes to its tasks. With its precise design and first-class workmanship, it reflects the principles of the Swiss Air Force and stands for quality and reliability.


Godfather Jan


Watches are pieces of jewellery and a mechanical marvel, they fascinate and arouse passion. Just like flying, which is my profession. The fact that Reto has created a watch for us that reflects the values of our team with its precision and simple elegance fills me with great joy.

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