Collection Emotion


I use a mood board with each design draft. This shows ideas, sketches, inspirations, methods, news, pictures, but also first prototypes, which are important for the treatment of the Design. 

This mood board is constantly evolving and expanding. Sometimes it can happen that a very old design finds its way back to the mood board. 

In a mood I go through the design phases and network them with the process.

The Mood watch with its moon phases shows very nicely how alive a Mood can be; but also the situation in which we find ourselves at the moment. It goes through phases and reveals to us the present moment. 

Mood rounds off this emotion, like the moon phases on the Mood model.


Godfather Björn


I am a product designer with emotion and passion, always looking for shapes, colours, technology, materials and new product ideas that will inspire the customer.
The enthusiasm for watches existed already in my childhood, this timelessness in the product fascinates me still today and will continue to do so for a really long time. Now I can experience these emotions in the collection of RB Baumgartner and give a face to time through my work.

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