Model Kehrwand


“Tradition is the cultural heritage (legacy) that is passed on from one generation to the next in work and communication processes. Scientific knowledge and craftsmanship are just as much a part of it as rituals, artistic views of design and moral rules”.

In this model, the tradition of the watchmaking meets the tradition of the silkscreen printing. Both crafts can be acquired, but can only be brought to perfection with the experience gained and handed down. The subject of the famous town hall clock of Aarberg, with the “tradition” of ringing the bell 5 minutes before the church tower of the small town, rounds off the trilogy of traditions perfectly.



Godfather Reto


Watches are my passion – my passion and an important part of my life.
Watches can be a metaphor for our lives. Their aim is to use available energy as efficiently as possible so that time can be measured accurately for a long time.
We also have to use our strength efficiently, but the whole only works if all parts interact smoothly.

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