Our History

What is the unique DNA of RB Baumgartner Swiss Watchmaking?

The unique about RB Baumgartner are the people who develop this young watch brand every day with great commitment and shape it with their ideas; it is the fascination, emotion and passion of these people that makes RB Baumgartner unique!

That’s why our watches are presented to you in the three categories “Fascination”, “Emotion” and “Passion”.

Each of these categories has one or more godfathers and godmothers who give the name to the individual watches based on their fascination, emotion and passion. Thus each watch is also a part of the history of the respective godfather or godmother.

Immerse yourself in the world of RB Baumgartner.

  • Our Godfather and Godmother

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      With Reto, it’s pretty clear. His passion are watches and therefore it is not surprising that he chooses names like “Amplitude”, “Ancre”, “Réglage”, “Rouage”, “Balancier” and “Barillet”. In addition to his fascination with watchmaking, he would also like to give homage to the language of watchmakers.


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      Björn, our designer, takes us on a journey through the world of design with the models “Handcraft”, “Process”, “Tool”, “Texture” und “Mood” and shows us why his heart beats for Swiss Design.

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      Nadja, our photographer, has created lively word games with the names “Lua”, “Wanda”, “Mrs. Peal” and “El Patron”, which wonderfully underline the character of the watches – as with her pictures.

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      Lukas, our head of watchmaking, tells us with the models “Kägiswil”, “Emmen”, “Kappelen” and “Courtelary” about important stages in his life and his fascination for flying.


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      Gervaise, our COO, has immortalized her fascination for mountains (she has climbed 74 4,000 meters to date) with the models “Les Dents du Midi”, “Scheidegg” and “Mischabel”.


  • Our Categories

  • Our Naming

    For each model, we have recorded the history that led to the name of the watch in the form of a card:
    The client receives this card when purchasing the RB Baumgartner watches. Thus you become part of the history of RB Baumgartner.